Live Shows and Private Parties with Your Favorite Keening Women. Choose from the Five Stages of Grief and Special Guests for Your Up-Close and Personal Hedonistic Merry Wake. Wailing Bar with Custom Lamentations. A Feast for the Eyes, Ears, and Heart. 100% Private and Secure. Open 24 Hours. Membership is Always Free.

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The Grief Club is an interdisciplinary body of work presented as a fictitious nightclub. This new work-in-progress includes large-scale drawings and paintings, hand-inked posters, inkjet prints, block prints, neon sculpture, animatronics, single-channel video, photography, performance, and a line of cocktails and products. The motivation to create this work is a result of my desire to use dark humor and irony to explore the emotions of grief. It is informed by the Kübler Ross model of the Five Stages of Grief, that I have personified as entertainers. They embody the Celtic tradition of keening women — paid mourners who wail lamentations, feast, dance, and perform provocative acts in a party-style funeral called ‘the merry wake.’ The format of the club is fashioned after a strip club; however, instead of watching dancers, a patron may choose to cry with Depression or primal scream with Anger. The Grief Club tells the story of the women who inhabit this place, young girls who grow up in an imaginary world, and feelings evoked by death and loss.